reliefs d'atelier

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  1. Via Iddhis Bing sur Facebook:

    It isn't an article, really. It's an argument: What does style or school mean to music? I mean, how we hear sounds. It hardly goes to the bottom of the thing but it starts. It likes, it doesn't like, so what. You can argue back. Open a bottle, print the damn thing out and go sit in your favorite chair. Hang tight because the best lines are at the end.

  2. The band, conservatory-trained musicians, takes its name from the great 19th century Spanish guitar maker. They make their own string and percussion instruments from materials of all kinds, wood they find lying around. On the 7th they set up in a crowded atelier on the ground floor, a tight little room with a low ceiling. The musicians, who began slowly on their handmade guitars, harps, and drums, built slowly into a crescendo which turned into a barrage of either Holy Noise.....